March 8, 2017 Capital Area Breastfeeding Coalition Meeting Notes

Attendance:  Diane, Lynn, Mary, Natosha, Rose, Tina, Naimah, Claretta, Beth

Announcements:  April 28 – Nationwide Nurse-In at the Capitol.  Natosha is the point person.  Last year, there were about 40 who attended.  Mother & Earth Baby Boutique and Little Green Branches will be there.  It’s outside, bring your own blankets.

April 8 will be a “Flange-On” for pumping moms—Natosha has more information on this.

Post-cards and Call to Rep. Bishop’s office:  As a group, the Coalition made a call to Rep. Bishop’s office in Washington to express that the Coalition would like any replacement for the Affordable Care Act to include the breastfeeding provisions that are currently in the ACA. Also, post-cards were signed and addressed to Rep. Bishop from Coalition members, stating the same thing.

The Milk Mixer– Reception/Networking event: Thursday, March 30, 6 – 8 p.m.

  Food:Food will be supplied and paid for from Ingham County and from Sparrow, plus desserts brought in by Coalition    members (Tina will bring brownies, others will bring sweets)

  Event will include networking, “speed-dating” with tables to rotate between. Tables will be set up for LaLeche League, Willow Tree, Sparrow, and Tina.  Others TBD.

  Sign-ups: Will have sign-up sheets asking if people would like more information about breastfeeding for their staff and a sign-up if they would like to share information with the coalition.

  Roles for the event— Tina will help set-up at 5 p.m., Beth will keep track of time during speed-dating, Tina will be the MC, Claretta will help with clean-up.

  Dress is business casual, as people will be coming from work.

  Décor: Will have Get Real About Breastfeeding posters on display.


Confirm room reservation

Re-do purpose on the invite

Send out invites

Diane will look into printing license to Breastfeed cards

Diane will follow-up on business cards to print

Mary will print copies of the big community resource guide

Mary will look into having a big sign for CABC made (she will ask Ann for a logo from CABC that can be enlarged),

Claretta will bring boobie beanies for the tables

Beth will contact OBGYN offices to attend

Beth(?) will bring a dessert

Beth will bring tablecloths from Sparrow

_______ will request clings from the Michigan BF Network (?)

Planning committee will finalize food, décor, agenda, etc.

 Business card/Resource guide and website:   Ann’s mock-up of the business card was discussed.  Consensus of group was to leave off the 211 number until the resources are all signed up on 211; also, to keep the card one-sided. The card should have the CABC website and logo, but the photo would not be used. Natosha will ask Jessica to send photos to Diane and Ann that could be used on the website.

CABC Goal-setting:  to be discussed at April 12 meeting. Naimah will bring big sticky notes for writing ideas.

Baby Fair: May 6,  10 – 2 at the Lansing Center.  There will be 2 Rock and Rest stations. CABC has been asked to staff with 2 people at each station; could have two 2-hour shifts at each station, so would need 8 people. We could try to have the new CABC cards at the Rock and Rest.


Willow Tree:  Baby Fair is May 6 at the Lansing Center.

Cristo Rey BF group:  Claretta will send info to Diane to add to the Resource Guide

 Next meetings:          5:30 – 7:30 at Mother&Earth Baby Boutique

                                   2nd  Wednesday of each month:

                                           April 12

                                           May 10